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The Panama News
Vol. 10, No. 11
June 6 - 19, 2004


Panamanian-directed short film well received at LA movie slam

The avant-premiere of the short film "Cristina Clandestina" was a huge success at the Latino Film Slam hosted by NALIP (National Association of Latino Independent Film Producers) held Thursday, June 3, 2004 at Smoking Mirrors.

Despite being a first cut, "Cristina Clandestina" won third prize, competing with other Latin filmmakers' films.

The award was decided in true democratic fashion, by popular vote.

The film depicts the horrors of human trafficking into the United States and the plight of the women trying to escape their captors. Currently Councilman Tony Cardenas is trying to raise awareness about this issue through the "Commission on the Status of Women." As stated in the epilogue of the film, "over 10,000 women and children are smuggled into the United States per year and over 5000 are forced to prostitute themselves in order to repay the coyotes."

"Cristina Clandestina" was produced, directed and shot by Gabriela Sosa under the auspices of M.O.L.A. Productions, and stars, Cristina Frías, Daniel Ferrera, Francesca Galeas, Veena Rao and Mónica Hidrovo, among other Los Angeles-based actors.

The director's cut of "Cristina Clandestina" will be available for public viewing shortly.

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